French Toast and its variations

Hong Kong

Our family travelled to Hong Kong, when I was a child/teenager. We were having our meals, and I was fed with a bite of French toast – this was the start of my addiction to Hong Kong-style French toast. I’m not alone, CNN agreed with me; Hong Kong French toast was ranked 38 on CNN The world’s 50 best foods that was updated on 15 Mar 2018.

The typical Hong Kong French toast is served with a thin slab of butter, which slowly melts away, and golden syrup. If you’re in for a treat, you can be generous with the golden syrup.

I used to enjoy the thick layer of peanut butter in between 2 white toasts when I cut open the Hong Kong French toast, but after the cha chaan teng that I patronize closed down, I seldom find peanut butter in French toasts. I once thought peanut butter was a sure-have in all Hong Kong French toast. Nowadays, it’s a pleasant surprise if I chance upon peanut butter in my French toast.

Aside the above mentioned French toast, I also tried the Kaya French Toast at Wai Kee Noodle Café and I don’t find it satisfying.

I been wanting to try the French toast cubes at Hoi On Café but luck wasn’t at my side. I visited it twice; the first time it wasn’t available during breakfast hours, the second time the café was closed.

The French toast on the menu is normally worded as 法蘭西多士, when ordered we normally said 西多士 or 西多, which is its shortened form.

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