Cost: 7 Days in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

I have recently returned from Bangkok, for 7D6N and spent approximately THB 12,315 / USD 370, excluding airfare. It was neither a thrifty nor a luxury trip, there were few big expenses, only one of these was unforseen.

Category THB USD @ 0.03
  Accom 4,206 126
  Food 3,470 104
  Others 2,730 82
  Sightseeing 600 18
  Transport 608 18
  Intercity 700 21
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It was no surprise that accommodation was a big part of the expenditure, 6 nights contributed to 34% of the total expenses. We didn’t stay in a centralized location, the hotel was 2-3 stops away from the central area and slightly less than 10 minutes walking distance from the nearest BTS (train) station. As we’re staying for 6 nights, thus opt for a spacious clean room. Our choice – Nandha Hotel, twin sharing. The cost was split between 2 persons. There were cheaper options but we booked mere 2 weeks prior departure; therefore, this was the best decision considering the cost, comfort, and distance.

This was the cost for individual meals; I split the cost by 2, since we shared most of our meals. The ratio of dining at road stalls/local stalls to restaurants/cafes was approximately 6:4. The few indulgences we had were Thipsamai, One Ounce for Onion, After You Desert Cafe, Roast, Peppina and some other costly snacks like BAKE cheese tart. Otherwise, road stalls/local stalls will average to about THB 40-60 bahts for a meal.

It must be surprising that Others contributed to 22% of the expenses. We went for 3 foot massages at THB 250/hour and 1 Thai massage at THB 600 for 2 hours. I also had our teeth cleaned and polished at mere THB 1,300! There were other miscellaneous costs like data sim and tips.

We’ve only been to one paid places of interest – The Grand Palace. The entrance fee was THB 500, the extra THB 100 was due to the cover-up cloth purchased, as I was wearing shorts.

We traveled mostly via local transport, and walked a great deal. Nonetheless, still quite a fair bit was spent on transportation, as we stayed away from the central area. We only took one taxi ride throughout our trip, which was from hotel to DMK, costing us THB 360 (THB 180 each).

There was only 1 expense in this category and I couldn’t make up my mind if we’re being extravagant, but definitely not being thrifty. We planned to take public transport to Maeklong Railway Market BUT… we couldn’t locate the bus station at Mo Chit BTS. We were approached by the taxi driver, and he tried to tout a package to us. As we’re fairly exhausted with all the walking we done the previous days, plus we woke up really early, thus a comfy taxi trip for a 2-3hours journey was really tempting. We eventually succumbed and paid THB 1,400 for a round trip from Bangkok to Maeklong. It was considered cheap as a metered taxi will cost approximate THB 1,800 to THB 2,000 for the 80-85KM distance. It was only the following day that we realised the Mo Chit Bus Station was merely 15mins away from the BTS.

To conclude, there were a lot of uncalled expenses that could be greatly reduced if we had planned ahead but we didn’t; we were pretty spontaneous and random. We visited the same shopping area on different days; we splurged on some meals when the roadside stalls were equally awesome, and yes, we also splurged on the taxi ride to Maeklong. We planned to relax on this trip, thus forgo all the planning and decided to be adventurous. I supposed we did achieve on relaxing mentally but not physically as we walked a lot and slept late.

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