Sun Rise @ Sun Moon Lake

Nantou, Taiwan

Sun rise at Sun Moon Lake could be breath-taking but could also be calming, depending on your luck. I witnessed the calming sunrise decorated with morning mist and indulged in serenity, these attracted me most.

My alarm started emitting noises at 5am yet the bed kept clinging on me, I struggled hard through a few snoozes and finally with sheer determination, I eventually got out the bed. My friend was right when he said the strongest force of gravity is your bed.

Took additional 5 to 10mins before I hopped out the room, and went down the stairs, then out of the gates (yeah, the minsu gates were pulled down every night). I was shocked when I stepped out, the sky was bright! OMG, did I missed the sun rise? I hasten my pace and did speed walking, occasionally running, only to realised that I had approximate 30mins to an hour before the glowing dot start rising. FALSE ALARM!

Anyways, I managed to do a photo lapse on the sun rise, posted here.

On assumption you stayed near Shueishe Pier, you will have 2 options to view sun rise; you can either walk towards Chao Mu Pier (朝霧碼頭), or Xiang Shan (向山).

For map, refer here.

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